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Let Go and Trust

It’s time...

It’s time for her to let go and trust.

Trust in herself.

Trust in life.

She can know that everyone has their own journey - their own guidance.

She can trust and let go of control.

It’s an illusion that she is in control.

If she stops holding her breath, and breathes, she will begin to live.

She will find peace.

She will find herself.

She has spent too much time worrying about everyone else’s well-being

and not enough time asking herself...

What do I need?

What would make me happy?

Who am I apart from everyone else?

It is time to trust and let go.


Most mornings I grab my coffee, light a candle, get quiet and listen. I often I draw an image and then write whatever wants to flow through me without editing. About a year ago, I channeled the above message in my journal. I came across it the other day and realized this message is something that is still very relevant in my life.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent so much of my life worrying about everyone else and not enough time checking in with myself. For too many years, my motto was, if you’re okay then I’m okay. This was especially true when it came to my first husband and my kids. There is not much peace to be found in this kind of thinking. I often felt like I was on a roller-coaster, allowing all the ups and downs of everyone else’s life to affect me. I was so preoccupied with helping everyone else be “okay” that I lost myself.

Here’s the challenging and confusing part... I love helping others and I care deeply. It’s easy to get lost in someone else’s pain or drama and want to help. What I’ve learned, and have to keep learning, is that I can love and support the people in my life by listening, keeping my heart open and asking “how can I support you?” This is very different than diving in to fix things.

The fact is, everyone has their own journey. It can look very bumpy at times but those bumps shape us and grow us if we let them. It is not my job to smooth out the road for others - it’s not even possible. Peace comes from letting go and trusting in the outcome.

When I think about the most painful moments in my life, I realize that I have grown tremendously from those experiences. I’ve felt the most supported when someone has listened and loved me through life’s challenges. Just knowing someone was there was enough.

Most women I know, especially those with children find it difficult to let go and trust. There is a strong desire to protect and shield our children from potentially painful lessons. In order to feel like we are in control, we can tend to over function and do too much for everyone but ourselves.

The next time you find yourself wanting to dive-in and “fix” or “help” someone else, take a deep breath and ask yourself...

What do I need?

What would make me happy?

Who am I apart from everyone else?

Listen to your heart, for it knows the answers.

It’s safe to trust and let go my friend.

Big hugs,



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