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What Is Your True Purpose?

This is such a big question and one that many people search for and wonder about their whole lives. Have you found your true purpose or does this question fill you with dread or anxiety because you think you should know? Or perhaps you thought you discovered your purpose, only to find that it didn’t resonate with you, or it wasn’t what you had imagined.

A friend sent me this quote:

The Universe isn’t interested in your achievements... just your heart. When you act out of kindness, compassion and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose.”

This sounds like the truth and it gave me relief when I read it, but could it really be that simple?

Over the years when I’ve asked myself, what is my purpose in life, I’ve often imagined doing something on a big scale that touches a lot of people. I’ve also thought that my life purpose should be something that I love doing all the time, and it will provide me with meaning. The quest to find our true purpose can cause angst for so many, including me. What if our true purpose really is as simple as how we show up in life, in the way we listen, love and the acts of kindness towards others?

Some people seem to have a very important, bigger-than-life purpose. Look at Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, or Simone Biles. These three have inspired and shaped lives on a global level and have had a huge impact on society. Most of us will never experience our true purpose manifesting on such a large scale, but that doesn’t make our purpose any less important. We all have a role to play.

When you act out of kindness, compassion and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose.”

Think back to the last time you did something nice for someone. Maybe you gave a person in need some money or a meal, or perhaps you helped dress your elderly mother or donated some clothes to the Good Will. How did that make you feel? Did you feel aligned with your heart?

The quote also states that “The Universe isn’t interested in your achievements... just your heart. “I believe this to be true, and I also think that it’s rewarding to accomplish what we put our minds to. There is something so satisfying about taking an idea and seeing it manifest into physical form. What truly matters is HOW we go about achieving our goals. Can we do it with love, compassion and kindness? If we can stay connected to our heart and let it lead the way, it will give greater meaning to whatever we achieve and make a huge difference in our lives and the world.

When I created my 30 days of Love Notes, I imagined them reaching thousands of people. Of course that would be wonderful and feel great to know I’m helping lots of people. However, I’ve realized how meaningful it can be when I’ve touched just one person. Many of us get stuck in the faulty, limited thinking that our true purpose has to be grand, make a huge impact, or change the world. That’s amazing if it does, but most of us will not have that experience in our lifetime. We have no idea how our kind words, encouragement, and open heart can positively impact another person. Even if it’s on a small scale, it still matters. The best thing we can BE is loving, kind and compassionate. That is in alignment with who we truly are.

What if your true purpose is to live with an open heart and choose love no matter what life throws at you? And, what if the greatest thing you ever achieve is loving yourself exactly as you are in this moment and offering that same loving acceptance to those around you? That sounds like a spectacular purpose to me.

Go out and share that loving, kind and compassionate heart of yours my friend!

Big hugs,



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