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Hi! I’m Jodi Bogart – artist, teacher, designer, and life coach.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been creating art. I would spend hours in my room drawing, coloring, making pop-up cards and dolls out of tissue paper – basically, anything I could get my hands on.

Making art makes me feel more alive. I feel connected to a part of myself that is joyful, hopeful and childlike. It’s like I’m still that little girl in my room playing with colors. People often tell me that when they see my art, they feel happy and uplifted. I believe it’s because that’s how I feel when I’m creating. Life is full of beauty, ups and downs, loss, love and everything in between. If my artwork can bring a touch of whimsy or lightness to someone’s day, there is nothing that makes me happier!

Besides making art, I’m passionate about helping others connect to their creative spark. I often hear people say they aren’t creative or “good” at art. I believe that we are all creative and that we can become good at what we practice. More importantly, it’s about the process more than the outcome. I’ve taught many people over the years to paint, draw and design. I love teaching because I get to support others as they learn to express themselves in new ways!

I live in Ventura, California, a little beach town about an hour from Los Angeles. I’m a mom of six adult children. My husband and I have a dream to travel around the county in our Sprinter van making art and music!

Below are some examples of my art and the various styles and subjects that I like to paint. If you are interested in purchasing a print of any of these originals, please reach out at via the Contact Form.

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