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Ask for help

Oh my gosh, how often do we forget or even think about asking for help? The better we are at getting things done, the less we ask for help.  Chances are, you are the first one to drop everything and help someone else.

What would it be like to ask for what you need? Imagine getting the support you need and having someone else to share the load? You don’t have to be a superwoman! 

You can ask people in your life for help and you can also ask the Universe, Angels, Guides, or God; whatever works for you. You are worthy of help and support but you have to ask in order to receive. 


Most of us are taught to have compassion for others. What if you turned your compassion towards yourself? Can you be kind and gentle with yourself? How might that feel? What does that look like? 

Practicing compassion towards yourself, especially during times when you are not your best, is healing. We usually know where we went wrong but beating ourselves up just makes it more likely that we will do it again. 

If we can be kind to ourselves during difficult times, there is a greater chance that we will learn and grow from our past and choose differently next time.

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